Boynton Beach Air Duct Cleaning Service

Benefits-of-Air-Duct-Cleaning-and-Repair-Boynton-BeachOne of the main reasons why HVAC owners should avail of duct cleaning services is to maintain the quality of air circulating within the home or building. In a span of 12 months, over 35 pounds worth of dust could be collecting in a typical 6-bedroom home. And with your HVAC acting as the respiratory system of the building, said dust and other contaminants may clog up the ducts, thereby affecting the heating and cooling efficiency of your HVAC systems.

Clean air ducts = healthy air

The recirculation of dust and contaminants in your ducts leads to a massive buildup after just a week of being tossed back and forth throughout the system. Imagine how much more dirt could accumulate within months! This may not necessarily result in dirty air being literally spewed out of your ducts, but the quality of air will greatly diminish, possibly having a negative impact on occupants with respiratory and/or allergic conditions.

Dirty air ducts and your system’s life span

As earlier mentioned, dirty air ducts also result in a less efficient heating and cooling system. Approximately 20 to 40 per cent of the efficiency is lost with dirty air ducts, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy. This significantly shortens the life span of the machine as well, as workload increases due to clogged up ducts.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

We here at Boynton Beach AC Repair provide full range air duct cleaning services to meet your periodic cleaning needs. We are a team of professional AC repair technicians who have extensive experience in air duct cleaning for residential and commercial properties in Boynton Beach, Florida. Our staff is composed of expert AC technicians who have undergone rigorous training in all aspects of AC repair, maintenance, and installation, so you can be assured of great quality work at reasonable rates.

Boynton Beach AC Repair is certified in professional air duct cleaning services, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machineries to achieve an efficient and highly effective work output. We strive to make our clients 100% satisfied with our quick response time, and 24/7 availability to ensure that all needs are met in a timely fashion.

We are a mobile AC repair company in Boynton Beach, servicing nearby areas as well. We cater to residential clients who wish to have their air ducts regularly cleaned and maintained, as well as commercial clients who have to keep their AC systems running smoothly for better business.

Our years of experience in AC repair and maintenance have earned us the right skills and knowledge in determining potential problems from the get-go. We do it right on the first time! You may have booked us for air duct cleaning alone, but if we spot potential problems outside cleaning, we make necessary recommendations so proper care and attention is promptly given. We make sure your unit is back in tip-top shape after our work is done!

Boynton Beach AC Repair is duly insured and bonded – so you never have to worry about shouldering extra costs from any incurred incidental damages.

Call us today for a free quotation on air duct cleaning! Our customer service representative will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.