vent-cleaningDryer vent cleaning is very important in the workplace and at home. Not only does it help boost energy efficiency and lessen electricity bills, it also lessens the risk for dryer fires and carbon monoxide emission from the duct into the home or building.

Boynton Beach AC Repair highly recommends regular dryer vent cleaning and here are some of the major reasons why:

  1. Lint accumulation in the vent is one of the most common causes behind dryer fires, according to a survey conducted by the US Fire Administration. When the air inside the vent becomes increasingly hot, and is blocked due to the piled up dust, it can light a spark when it comes in contact with lint.
  2. Trapped moisture inside the vent causes the dryer to give an extra push, which requires more energy and increases the wear and tear of the machine.

What you can do as the owner

There are a couple of easy steps that you can do to help minimize lint accumulation in your dryer vent. This includes regularly clearing the lint trap after use, and vacuuming the vent or brushing it with a long-handled cleaning device.

What Boynton Beach AC Repair can do for you

Boynton Beach AC Repair specializes in full range installation, cleaning, and repair services for residential and commercial properties within and surrounding Boynton Beach, Florida. We have extensive knowledge and experience in commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning, so you can be sure your property is safe from the risky consequences of clogged up dryer vents.

While cleaning the duct on your own may work, extensive cleaning of the vent from the innermost corners and ridges of your home to the outermost ducts requires specialized tools that only a professional dryer vent cleaner can efficiently maneuver. Boynton Beach AC Repair has all the high-powered tools necessary in effectively loosening accumulated lint and suctioning them completely out of the vents for a cleaner and clearer tubing.

Having been in the HVAC cleaning and maintenance business for many years now, Boynton Beach AC Repair is confident in achieving excellent quality work for affordable rates. Our talented and skilled staff have the wisdom of experience, which enables them to foresee potential problems and effectively curb these from the get-go. We work in a discreet manner, careful not to disrupt or disturb regular business in your home or workplace.

Boynton Beach AC Repair is duly licensed and insured. You know you’re dealing with a great company when they’re compliant with the business rules and regulations of the state. Insurance is also a great advantage as it protects both clients and workers from any expenses incurred from untoward incidents during the transaction.

Boynton Beach AC Repair uses high-quality dryer vent cleaning tools that are safe and effective. We have made sure to invest in state-of-the-art gears to ensure that the services we provide are effective, with long-lasting results.

If we see that there’s a need for any repair, we make sure to make necessary recommendations to prevent the problem from further developing. Timely intervention is everything when it comes to HVAC! Count on us to provide personalized services that caters to your most specific needs.