3 Telltale Signs that You Need to Call Your AC Repair Guy


ac repair manAir-conditioning units are a godsend during excruciatingly hot summer days. In homes, they keep everyone cool and comfortable enough to sleep well and rest easy. In workplaces, they regulate the temperature so that employees, partners, and clients can function well and be productive regardless of the weather outside. Air-conditioning units also provide clean, filtered air that is circulated within the home or building. They clear out dust and allergens so people are breathing fresh, clean air indoors.

With all these benefits provided by air conditioning units, it’s only right that owners do their part in making sure their units stay in mint shape. Routine cleaning of the filters and outdoor units may be done without the assistance of a professional AC repair guy, but sufficient background knowledge on basic AC cleaning is important to make sure that the job is properly done, and to prevent any damage on the units.

DIY cleaning can only be as handy and doable, but when it comes to AC repair and maintenance, only a professional must do the job. Not sure if you need to call the pros? Have a look at these 3 telltale signs to find out!

  1. The air is not as cold as it used to be.

This could indicate either extremely low Freon levels, or a failure in the system compressor. If your AC is not cooling like it should even when the thermostat’s been set to max, you need to call an AC repair pro to get the problem fixed ASAP.

  1. Thermostat levels are erratic.

Is it cold in the bedroom, yet extremely warm in the living room? If this is the case, there must be something wrong with your thermostat. Call up a reliable AC repair guy to get it sorted out in no time! Timely intervention prevents further damage and increases the chances of successful system restoration.

  1. Weak air circulation.

Weak air flow is usually due to an obstruction in the compressor ducts. If the air flow in the office pantry is different from that in the reception area, there’s a huge chance that the compressor might be at fault. Call for professional AC repair services before it’s too late!

If you notice any of the above mentioned telltale signs, don’t dilly-dally! Call an AC repairman quick. You’ll be amazed at how immediate solutions can save you tons of money from even costlier repairs and unit replacement.